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Heal your body, mind and soul with Mariam Healing Services


Through my services, you will learn how to:

• Strengthen your intuition

• Have faith in God/ the Universe

• Surrender & Let go

• Heal yourself & Do some shadow work

• Work on your Traumas and inner child wounds

• Be your number one motivator

• Inspire yourself and others

• Choose yourself first

• Build healthier relationships

• Be a Big Manifestor


• Energy Healing

• Reiki Healing

• Distance Healing

• Soundwaves Healing

Crystals &Stones

• Crystals and its charateristics

• Crystals and its healing properties

• Famous most used crystals & stones

• Choose your crystal that fits you the best

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Mariam Healing Services

Choose from the different below spiritual services, you can pick more than one service at a time.


Reiki Healing

Reiki is a famous Japanese Healing Modality, where we as (Healers)- scan, balance and align the chakras (our energy system in the body) and open any blockages found. This aids in emotional, physical, mental and overall well-being. Several sessions may be needed depending on your healing needs and your current situation. Reiki Healing can be done 1-1 in-person or through distance healing. 

* Note: currently I’m only offering distance healing which will be done through a Zoom call 

* Both in-person session and distance healing works as Effective!

Price: $250

Intuitive Life Coaching

I will be doing 1-1 counseling session with you (Life coaching) based on my intuition. I will be listening to you, sensing your energy, and guiding you through your concern/ or the situation. Coaching can be done on different life matters that include love, personal, career, money etc. 

*Disclaimer: I will not provide advises on any medical or legal issues. My counseling will be based on my intuition, as a client you get to choose your decisions based on your own judgement and will. Memethehealer will not accept any liability for any actions a client may undertake.

Price: $150

Tarot Reading

It is one of the many tools used to read energies, you can book with me Tarot Readings based on different topics that you would like to find answers about including love, personal, career, money etc. Questions can be a yes or no, or in more depth depending on what the client requested for, the time and price. In Tarot reading I can only read your current energy, and since energy changes, therefore, I cannot predict the future for you, only god can.

*Disclaimer: I will not be doing Tarot Readings for questions related to any medical or legal issues. Tarot reading is done for entertainment purposes only. I read based on my intuition, and as a client you get to choose your decisions based on your own judgement and will. Memethehealer will not accept any liability for any actions a client may undertake.

Price: $65

Crystals guidance

Crystals and stones comes from mother earth “Gaia”, therefore, they hold within them lots of healing properties and different characteristics and benefits. Based on the energy you need, your current situation and the healing effect you acquire, I can recommend which crystal you will be needing after doing a small counseling session with you. After that you will get to know which crystal suits you the best . It can be more than one crystal that you need and it might change based on time, your energy and the healing effect you need.

 *It will be good to check up every now and then and see if you need any new crystals or remain with the same ones.

Price: $55
My Purpose is to help people heal by connecting to their true-self so that they can spread love and peace among the world.
Mariam Al Ameri
United Arab Emirates
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